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Tutorials for Deploying Locally and Online are Live!

· 2 min read
Arvin Jagayat

This documentation website has been updated with the remaining guides on how to deploy the Tool locally and online. Specifically, a video guide on how to deploy locally as well as both written and video guides on how to deploy the tool online. Thus, there should now be all the information here to get you up and running no matter what method you will be using to recruit your participants!

You can check out both video tutorials in the embeds below, which can also be found on the Tool's YouTube channel.

There are several other updates that are worth noting. First, the code of the Mock Social Media Website Tool has been updated to fix a few security vulnerabilities. The vulnerabilities in question only affect online deployments of the Mock Social Media Website Tool, for which I assume there must be few because I am just publishing the tutorials for how to do so now. Local deployments should be unaffected as the likelihood of those vulnerabilities being exploited on the same device are slim-to-none. Additionally, template R code for how to analyze frequencies of interactions with certain groups of posts in the .csv data have been added to the Data page to help speed up analysis of Mock Social Media Website Tool data.

With that, I'm excited to learn about all the research you are doing using the Tool (especially for those deploying online!)! I highly encourage those who are conducting research using the Tool to e-mail me so that I can add your studies in progress to the Research page. This is enormously helpful for me as I try to demonstrate the usefulness of the Tool to granting agencies to help fund additional development, including many highly requested features from researchers like yourselves!

Happy researching!