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This page features research using the Mock Social Media Website tool for you to read, cite, and understand the capabilities of the tool from!

If you are conducting research using the tool, even if it is in an early stage, please e-mail Arvin to let him know!

This not only helps give your research visibility, but helps demonstrate the value of this tool to others, such as funding agencies and hiring committees; which is particularly invaluable to a PhD student like Arvin Jagayat who is looking to get an academic position!


Stay tuned!

In Progress

Jagayat, A., Choma, B.L., & Beebe, J. (forthcoming). Mitigating disinformation at the front-lines.

Jagayat, A., Pun, C., & Choma, B.L. (forthcoming). User reputation indicators as means of reducing the spread of misinformation on social media.

Daley, J.S., Masse, L., Sanchez, S., Castillo Silva, L.I., & Bodenhausen, G.V. (forthcoming). Shades of Persuasion: The effect of skin tone on public social influence.

Schäfer, S., Rebasso, I., Boyer, M. & Planitzer, A. (forthcoming). Hate Speech as a fuel for social disintegration? Effects of hate speech and counter speech on implicit and explicit stereotypes, social distancing and polarized attitudes.