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· 2 min read
Arvin Jagayat

This latest update to the documentation focuses around a quick tutorial on how to renew SSL certificates for online deployments of the Tool; either proactively or if they have expired (which, by default, will occur every 90 days). While this is certainly not ideal, the process is fairly painless and can be completed in a minute or two - minimizing any disruptions to ongoing studies.

To learn how to do this, you can follow the written documentation here or watch its corresponding video tutorial:

Additionally, there are a few other minor updates to the documentation:

  • Use of Amazon's Route 53, which is used when deploying the Tool online, incurs costs to researchers, which I was not previously aware of and thus was not acknowledged in the written or video tutorials for deploying the Tool online. While this cost is very small, it is a cost nonetheless and has now been disclosed in the written guide.
  • Instructions for how to embed the Mock Social Media Website Tool on Qualtrics have been updated to reflect the latest Qualtrics redesign and better optimized settings for embeds. These can be found here.
  • Additional research being conducted using the Tool has been added to the Research page.